Florida Man Gets DUI After Trying To Order A Burrito At Bank Drive-Thru

Umm... can I get two hard tacos and a Baja Blast? Yep, a Florida Man in Tampa really gave his Taco Bell order to a teller at Bank of America. On top of trying to place a food order at the bank, this dude passed out in the drive-thru lane. Police were called and had to knock on the window several times to wake up Douglas Francisco

Photo Credit: Hernando County Sheriff's Office

Once Francisco was finally up, police had him take a sobriety test and of course he failed. Francisco was charged with a DUI and ended up getting a ride to jail. The Hernando County Sheriff's Office reported finding Oxycodone and Xanax on him, which he did have a prescription for. As for his burrito, Francisco will just have to hit up Taco Bell when he gets out!



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