Kelsi Top 5 New Music Picks Of The Week

Music so new it's not even on the radio yet, well most of them! I truly believe there is nothing better than new music and the world can never have enough. If you're a young musician or singer, don't give up. Remember, at one point in their life, they all were just kids with a dream....

#5 GusGus

Well boys and girls I have officially found the song that will give you your second wind! Whether you're on your way to a festival, the gym or just need a little motivation...."C02" is for sure going to get you moving. If you haven't heard GusGus new one, I suggest you get to it.

#4 Bryce Vine

Is it just me or are Bryce's vocals ridiculously smooth? Believe it or not he actually used to be in a punk band when he was younger! Anyway, I'm totally digging his latest single "La La Land." Warning....this song will get stuck in your head.

#3 Notaker featuring Eric Lumiere

I'm such a fan of this style of music. You know when you're just jamming out to a song and then it builds up into something even more amazing! Notaker's song "Each Other" does just that and I know you're going to love it. He will be in town next week for Miami Music Week!

#2 AJ Mitchell

It looks like my boy AJ has officially won everyone's heart with "All My Friends." This guy may be young but the man can sing! This song has one solid hook and you will be singing it all day

#1 Twenty One Pilots

The only thing better than this band's music is watching them perform live. If you have never been to their show, do yourself a favor and go. "Chlorine" has quickly become one of my favorite from Twenty One Pilots and is my top pick of the week!

Let me know which one is your favorite! Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram at Kelsiradio

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