Florida Woman Poops In Cop's Car After They Take Her Machete

A Florida woman had quite the day at a salon in Bonita Springs. Tracy Denise George -Sirleaf left the salon really upset and walked out to the parking lot to get a machete out of her car. The owner of the salon quickly locked the doors and called 911. When Lee County Sheriffs arrived Tracy was threatening the owner and employees with her machete.

Photo Credit: Lee County Sheriff's Office

On a side note who randomly carries a machete in their car? Once Lee County Sheriffs arrived, Tracy was arrested for assault and put in the back of their patrol car. She ended up getting a ride to jail but not before taking a poop in the back of the car! Now here's the thing....did she really have to go? Maybe she was still angry and thought a poop was the best way to leave her mark.



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