The Candy Bars That Are The Best For You

#3 Snickers

Feeling hungry? If you're going to reach for a candy bar Snickers was ranked as one of the best. According to nutritionist it's one of the less evils because of the low amount of saturated fat. This bad boy packs a lot of sugar so it might want to count it as your sweet treat for the day.

#2 Hershey's Bar

Now according to another nutritionist a good old Hershey's bar is the way to go. This beloved candy bar has the most "pure" ingredients and is basically just milk chocolate.

#1 Reese's Sticks

Well it looks like these nutritionist couldn't agree but at least we have the top three! Reese's Sticks also made the list for their low levels of saturated fat. Which one would you go with?

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