Danny DeVito Falls Flat On His Face While Promoting Dumbo

Warning: Some Language In The Videos Below

We need to keep Danny DeVito safe at all costs. Put his ass in a hamster ball so things like this don't happen. DD is one of my favorite actors ever and his character Frank Reynolds on 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' is easily one of the greatest in television history. Having said that I couldn't stop laughing and watched this video no less than 60 times. My man is up there in age and if this was any other 74-year-old it's game over. Danny isn't going out like that! Plus, he fell like 2 feet so that certainly helped. I'm just happy my hero is fine after this and DeVito I need you to live another 74 years so I have a chance to meet you and grab some lemoncello's.

In case you're too young to get the lemoncello reference. Here you go!

And of course some of the best of Frank Reynolds to round things out.

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