Three Great White Sharks Spotted In Palm Beach County & Treasure Coast

It look like snowbirds and great whites are both hanging in Florida for the winter! Everywhere else it's basically freezing so of course great whites are soaking up the sun right here in Palm Beach County. Over the last couple of weeks Katharine, a 14 foot tagged great white popped up near Fort Pierce. Then Miss May, a 10 foot great white was hanging out in Jensen Beach.


In Jupiter a free diver captured footage of another great white. Now before you start to freak out, relax. According to the International Shark Attack File no one in Florida has ever been bitten by a great white. Come on, you know for a fact that you don't taste that good! On a serious note, I wouldn't try swimming with one if you're out and about in the ocean. Just know there's nothing to really bring them to shore so you're going to be okay. After all, this isn't Jaws....



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