Kelsi Top 5 New Music Picks Of The Week

Music so new it's not even on the radio yet, well most of them! I truly believe there is nothing better than new music and the world can never have enough. If you're a young musician or singer, don't give up. Remember, at one point in their life, they all were just kids with a dream....

#5 Imagine Dragons

Seriously, the more music I hear from these guys the more I like them. "Bad Liar" is their new song and I'm all about it. Really listen to the lyrics and not just the music on this one.

#4 Notaker featuring Karra

If you want to get lost in the music put on "Into The Light." This one is perfect to hit the gym with, go on a long drive or simply jam out to some good music. Now if you don't about Notaker, get ready to fall in love

#3 Ally Brooke featuring Tyga

Okay I see you Ally! After Fifth Harmony split up the girls slowly started to come out with their own music. Ally teamed up with Tyga for "Low Key" and it's so freaking catchy. Definitely a good one.

#2 Jermy Zucker

Let's slow things down a little bit with Jeremy and his song "Comethru." This song is going to hit you in the feels and I'm so obsessed with it. Sometimes those slow jams are the best.

#1 Fletcher

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you my new favorite artist...Fletcher. She reminds me of Halsey with a twist of Alessia Cara and I can't wait to hear more of her music. Give her song "Undrunk" a listen... I know you're welcome!

Hit me up on Twitter @KelsiRadio & let me know which one is your favorite!

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