Then VS. Now! 7 Of The Biggest Celebs Just Hanging With Their Younger Self

Age is something none of us can beat, but there are a few that have put up a pretty good fight. Then again, it's been a bit since we have seen these familiar faces...

How cool are these? Yes, they're photoshopped and done by Ard Gelinck. He has a bunch of them up on his Instagram @ardgelinck. Above is of course a younger Justin Timberlake and below a little Ed Sheeran!

How adorable was Ed Sheeran as a kid? Now Brad Pitt still looks great for a dude in his 50's but do you remember him back in the day?

Rocky! I don't care how old you are, everyone has seen or at least heard of Rocky. Slyvester Stallone is now 72 and still keeping the Rocky movies going. He just released Creed 2 a few months ago.

How you doing? Joey from Friends is older but still rocks that big smile....that and his gray hair. The guy on the left is an oldie from when Matt LeBlanc was filming friends.

Harry you have grown up so much! Over the years you watched all the Harry Potter movies and slowly but surely Daniel Radcliffe got older. Believe it or not, he will be 30 this year.

Leonardo Dicaprio has done it all! From Titanic to The Wolf Of Wall Street, he has won people's hearts from all over the world for decades. Since the late 80's Dicaprio has been acting and now he's in his mid 40s.

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