8-Month Old Puppy Survives Attempt To Be Euthanized


First off, it's so sad when any animal has to be put down. But an 8-month old pooch?!?! What kind of evil organization is running this shelter in Iowa? Didn't matter because Rudolph was like not today Satan and survived being put down like a boss. That is one bad ass little pup. I can't imagine the shock and look on the worker's faces when they came to collect the body of Rudolph only to find him wagging his tail and ready to play. Basically you come at the king you best not miss. This also made me wonder what would happen if a criminal on death row survived an execution attempt? So I did some research (Quick Google Search) and found there is no free pass if one does survive. They're going to kill you one way or another. Sorry convicts, better luck next time. Rudolph however is no criminal and is back up for adoption and with his new found fame should easily find his forever home. I mean who wouldn't want the Rasputin of dogs? Which if I'm his owner I'm 100% changing his name from Rudolph to Rasputin.  



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