Women Can't Walk After Husband's Get ED Pills In Outrageous Commercial


Now this commercial has been out since 2015 but it's still in circulation (see the tweet below) and I just discovered it so it's new to me. When it comes to ED commercials this might be my favorite because of how outrageous it is. Though, this is the results dudes are looking for! Can't get it up? Come to NuMale and have your wife doing the 'Side To Side' like Ari and Nicki. Unlike this Viagra ad which just has a dude sailing on a boat. Is Viagra going to make you a sailboat captain? Will it help you find that life-vest easier? Sure, at the end he makes his way home and the light to his bedroom comes on. Which would have you assume he's going to get lucky with the Mrs. Though, if I know anything about marriage it's he's more likely to get bitched at for being out all day than to get laid. Poor guy took a boner pill and now has to deal with an angry wife who won't need a walker in the morning. NuMale 1 Viagra 0 



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