Lady Banned From Walmart For Drinking Wine Out Of Pringles Can


It's 2019 and nobody has a pic or video of this? This lady was cruising and boozing for 3 hours and we have nothing!?!?! This is almost as unacceptable as Walmart banning this lady from their stores. If there is one thing I know it's Walmart embraces the craziest of crazy and the downright strange. This lady checks all the boxes. If you told me someone was drinking wine out of a Pringles can, and then asked me to guess where that happened? 100% I'm saying Walmart. Want me to be more specific? Sure thing, I'd say it was a Walmart in either Texas or Florida.  Side note, I love Walmart and it's not just for the people watching. If anyone finds pics or video of this lady please hit me up on the gram @CarmineRadio1



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