Dad Drags Daughter Through The Airport Because She Wouldn't Walk

You know what? Being at the airport sucks, and nobody and I mean nobody wants to be there. TSA workers don't want to be there, commuters don't want to be there, I'd even say pilots and flight attendants don't want to be there. You're herded through the airport like cattle and then packed like sardines into a giant metal tube and tossed to another part of the world. Not exactly the definition of a good time. This is tenfold during the holidays. So I can't imagine the stress of traveling with kids, especially when they do what kids do, and act up. If you're daughter or son isn't willing to walk you need to take matters into your own hands. In this case literally, and drag them through the airport. It's really your only move. You can't hit them (I'm talking a light smack btw) because you'll get arrested. You can't just leave them there because once again you will get arrested. So you treat them like luggage and get going to where you need to be. You see what I assume is his other daughter following behind and doing what she needs to do. She knows pops is pissed and is in no mood for further mutiny. Even though it looks like her dads hands are full, trust me he'll find a way to drag her ass too. You ever wonder how guys can somehow carry ALL the groceries in one trip? There could be 30 bags and we will find a way to avoid two trips. 10 bags in one hand, 10 in another and balance the rest on our heads. So what I'm saying is there is always room for one more. I'm sure Twitter and the armchair parents will try and drag (see what I did there?) this dude on social media. But i'm here to pledge my full support and toss his name in for Father Of The Year. Sure it's early into 2019 but this hero deserves at least a tip of the hat.

Update: Further proof people hate the airport. Though in fairness this lady is full on psycho. I mean who doesn't wear shoes at the airport? EWWW nasty.  

Warning: Strong Language 

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