Husband Tattoos All Of The Bad Things He's Done To Win His Wife Back!

I, Carmine Gialanella am writing this blog voluntarily on January 3rd, 2019 so that I can make fun of Jose L. Torres for doing such an absurd thing like getting this Tattoo. You are: 

  • Insane For Getting This Tattoo
  • Not Getting Your Wife Back Because Of It (If she's sane)  
  • The Spacing Of Your Nipples Is Outrageous
  • If You Love Something Why Stop? Whore/Prostitutes Included 
  • And Thankfully I Could Never Get A Tattoo Worse Than This

Listen, I'm not trying to condone cheating people make mistakes and you don't know what goes on behind close doors in anyone's relationship. So to judge someone based solely on that would be unfair. However, I will 100% judge someone for thinking this was a good idea. Jose my man if this does work I'll tip my cap to you and congrats, you got your woman back. Let's keep it 100 though because there is a really good chance this will not work. And then what? You have the Declaration Of Stupidity inked on your chest forever. So looks like it's shirts on at the pool and beach and it's back to the things you love. Namely, whores/prostitutes.  

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