Guy Hands Out Joints As Weed Becomes Legal In Michigan


Look at this man doing the Lord's work! If of course the Lord's work was handing out joints legally in Michigan. You don't need to smoke weed to realize it becoming legal is a good thing. You're instantly eliminating non-violent offenders who get locked up over a plant. I always felt when it comes to legalizing Marijuana the argument should begin and end with alcohol. Alcohol is a thousand times worse than weed and yet it's legal. Hell, it's a sponsor for professional sports all over the world. You can never convince me otherwise that weed should still be illegal when beer and alcohol is widely accepted. Plus with it legal you're limiting the availability of weed to kids. You think drug dealers ask for ID's before selling weed to anyone? Not a chance, but a dispensary will and they don't want to lose their livelihood over some kids. So congrats to Michigan for being progressive and hopefully the rest of the nation can get their act together.   



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