Did I Just Fall In Love With Emily Zeck Because Of Bacon And Eggs?


So my ninja Kelsi blogged about how it sounds like Ariana Grande is saying "Bacon Eggs" in her song 'Thank You Next'  and it 100% does sound like that.  Since I pride myself as a world-class journalist (kidding I talk on the radio for a living and my grammar is poor at best) I reaserached this a little more. What I found has changed everything! I came across the Twitter of Emily Zeck and instantly fell in love. Life is funny that way I guess. Before I even listened to her music she did the impossible. She made bacon and eggs look even more amazing. I could legit have B&E 3 times a day 7 days a week and that still isn't enough. Sure, I would die of a heart attack sooner rather than later but as the great Thomas Rhett said "baby I could die a happy man." Now aside from Emily's supermodel looks, she is an incredible singer and I love her vibe. Some have described her as "a female Jack Johnson" and that's a pretty accurate comparison especially with her songs 'Pacific Blue' and 'Avocado Toast' and as I'm writing this have it playing in the background. So Emily, I know you don't know me yet but I'm a pretty big deal in West Palm (says my mom) and just wanted to say you're awesome and if ever in South Florida come on through to Wild 955!


Banana Pancakes you say? DONE!


For real though check out how talented Emily is and look forward to her career taking off.


Also doing covers with another favorite of mine 'Boyce Avenue'   



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