Mom Pissed At Southwest Employee Who Made Fun Of Daughter's Name!


First things first, an adult should never make fun of a child under any circumstances. In fairness it's hard not to when you come across such a ridiculous name like ABCDE! Did I just contradict myself with those first two sentences? Sure did, but I didn't name my kid the first 5 letters of the alphabet so who's really at fault here? If you want to give your kid a tough life by all means give them a stupid name. Because you have definitely set them up for failure. School will be tough as kids are brutal and you're putting a big target on your child's back. How about a job? Yeah, good look having a potential employer not immediately toss that application in the trash. Sure the Southwest employee was a bit extra considering this was the name of a child. But never forget who the real monster is, and that's her mom. 



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