FSU Student Arrested For Throwing Chocolate Milk!

Warning: Strong language and viscous use of Chocolate Milk. 

"It's chocolate milk, F**k Off" had me actually LOL, as if that makes it okay. Listen I don't care if you're a Democrat or Republican, just as long as you're a fan of me. I hate talking politics because it's so divisive and most people are set in their ways. So the points you make are probably falling on deaf ears. However, Nazis? Actually bad. What is also bad is throwing chocolate milk at people who don't share your opinions. We live in one of the greatest countries in the world and you should be able to speak your mind as long as you do it civilly. Throwing one of the worlds most delicious drinks at fellow students is the opposite of that. As someone who puts chocolate milk in my top 5 'Favorite Drinks' this is just unacceptable. FSU seems to agree. (They just word it better.) 

Anyway, I hope one day we can all get along and just accept each other for who we are, rather than our political beliefs. Live your life happy and free and let others do the same. Plus, if you want to see change you can always vote. Today would be the perfect day for that. You'll even get a real fancy sticker to post on social media. Speaking of I looked it up and your vote still counts even whether you post it on the gram or not.  

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