World's Craziest Woman Found At Home Depot Parking Lot.



Do people know you can back out of the space and your passenger can then get in with plenty of room? Guess not. I hate people who park outside the lines, there is no excuse for it. If you can't master that you shouldn't be driving, or you're an inconsiderate asshole and in that case I hate you. However, this lady is amazing and gets a pass because this video is incredible. For her to not only think she is in the right but to go full on insane is impressive. I have not seen a verbal assault like that since my neighbor threatened my life for not cleaning up after my dog. Sure, I should have scooped the poop but I was 11! She told me should would feed it to me and then chop me up into little pieces and plant me in her garden. Well lets just say I called her bluff, and she also died soon after that (wasn't me) so R.I.P. Our friend in this video however even insulted my man behind the cameras member. Saying he had a tiny old pecker (hilarious btw) and honestly most of this ladies material was comedic gold. She even hit him with a "you're not happy man" trying to psychoanalyze this man like she genuinely cares. Just totally incredible.     



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