Robot Doing Parkour!! Should The Human Race Be Concerned?

I think Boston Dynamics needs to take a good, long look in the mirror. What they're doing is certainly bad ass and I'm a fan of their work. However, we've seen this play out over and over in every science fiction movie involving robots. What starts out as a great idea and a way to make life easier for humans. Ends with the total annihilation of humanity. I mean this thing is doing f**king parkour like it's training for American Ninja Warrior. 5 months ago this thing impressed us by jumping over a log. I mean that's cool and harmless enough right? Wrong! 5 short months later it went from jumping over a log (ooooo amazing!) to this. What do you think it will be able to do 5 months from now? What about 5 years!?!?! If we even have that long before these things become self-aware and realize how fat, gross and pathetic humans are and decide it's best if we're exterminated. Most people can't walk about a flight of stairs without getting winded, so good luck out running this. Sure this might seem extreme and we probaly have nothing to worry about. But, what if I'm right?

Or how about Atlas doing a back-flip? Robot ninjas!!!

They even built one of those robot dogs like the ones in that 'Black Mirror' episode.

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