Justin Bieber Tweaking On Meth? People Seem To Think So.


So do I think Justin Bieber is high on Meth in this video?


People and by people I mean idiots on the internet are saying Justin is high and tweaking. Just hop on Twitter and search "Bieber Tweaking" to see that insanity. I don't know how anyone can conclude the Biebs is high on anything based off an 18 sec clip. Not enough context, and knowing the Biebs can be a weird dude he was probably just having fun with fans. Dude is a goofball when he's not feeling like a piece of meat, or someone to just take a picture with so you can score likes on the Gram. He's said over the years he'd rather people approach him and have a conversation and not "HEY JUSTIN CAN I TAKE A PICTURE,HEY JUSTIN CAN I TAKE A PICTURE" over and over again. Now if and that's a big IF, he is high on a drug like Meth I hope the Biebs can get some help. Sure the way he dresses and that absurd mustache might make people immediately jump to drugs, but if I had his money and fame I'd be walking out in PJ's all the time and never shave again.  


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