Giant Dancing Baby Is The Greatest Gender Reveal!


This is easily the best gender reveal, and sure the bar has been set extremely low. Usually it's a dad trying to swing a bat at a ball with colored paint inside and whiffing big time, or balloons flying out of a box (oooooo amazing). I did enjoy the super redneck one from a few months back with the family using a giant ass alligator. That was fun, or the one when the ball doesn't break and the husband sends a line drive right into his wife's face (see below) Also, considering I hate gender reveal parties I sure do blog enough about them. Believe that kind of makes me a hypocrite. Oh well, just step your game up and make these parties suck less. Last thing, I'm aware this baby is creepy as hell but imagine being 8 beers deep and that thing pops out the box?!?!? Sign me up for that. 

Gender Reveal Leads To A Concussion.
Gender Reveal Leads To A Concussion.
Well this didn't go according to plan and mom just took a ball right to the FACE!


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