Ariana Grande And James Corden Soundtrack To Titanic.


Love James Corden, and think he doesn't get nearly enough credit for how talented he really is. Ariana Grande is basically an alien with how out of this world her singing is, girl just has undeniable talent. So seeing these two put on this mini musical about Titanic was pretty fantastic. And speaking of the actual movie Titanic I want you to think about a couple things, why didn't Rose share that door so Jack had a better chance to survive and was Billy Zane's Cal Hockley really the bad guy? Dude had some homeless swindler steal his fiance, sleep with her and all Cal did was love her and would do anything for her. Oh yeah, also bought her a giant ass necklace! I'm usually ride or die for Leo DiCaprio but Jack Dawson is a home wrecker. 

Deuces Jack



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