Girl Nearly Dies After Getting Pushed Off Three-Story Bridge!

You have to be a pretty awful person to push someone off a three-story bridge. This isn't like pushing someone in the pool and everyone can laugh about it. No, this was basically attempted murder and this girl now has five broken ribs, a bruised esophagus and injuries to her trachea, as well as air trapped in the lining of her lungs. I want to know if someone jumped in and saved her or she somehow swam to shore herself? Have to imagine with injuries like that breathing is difficult, let alone swimming. Sure the girl should put herself in this position but after she had a change of heart that should have been the end of it. She would have climbed back over and dealt with her friends teasing her about how she punked out. That would have been better than what actually happened. 

See this gif below is cute and funny, as opposed to the video above of a crime. 

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