The Sequel To 'Super Bad' Looks Weird AF.


After watching this trailer for the new Netflix show 'Maniac' starring the talented Emma Stone and Jonah Hill I got to thinking. What if this was a sequel to the comedy classic Super Bad? You might think, that's the craziest thing you've ever said Carmine and you say a lot of crazy things. 

Fair enough, and you'd be right it's a pretty outrageous claim. Here's the thing, it's 2018 and I don't need silly things like facts or evidence to prove a point. Or in my case show you this IS a sequel to 'Super Bad'. Lets go with the obvious one, the main characters. This is without a doubt Jules and Seth over a decade later. They began dating the summer after the big party in the first movie. 

The two were inseparable as their love grew and Summer became Fall. Even though they were heading in two different directions they knew their love was legit and could overcome anything. So they did the whole long distance thing and it was fun for awhile. Jules was loving the college scene and found a perfect balance between a social life and her studies. She was even tops in her class. 

Seth however wasn't doing the best he could and started drinking beer mixed with laundry detergent after getting a taste for it in high school. What started off as a once a weekend kind of thing quickly turned into an everyday habit. Seth was downing Natty Lights mixed with Tide faster than Joey Chestnut slams down Nathan's hot dogs. He tried to hide his addiction from Jules to avoid being a distraction  from her studies and living her best life. This all changed when Seth showed up unannounced, smelling like fresh cotton and cheap beer as he crashed one of her sororities house parties. This was not okay with her or her sisters, causing Seth and Jules to have a huge fight! Hurt and scared for the well being of the love of her life she thought it would be best if they spent some time apart. Once Seth got clean they could try and make things work. I should say get sober as opposed to get clean, because he was drinking laundry detergent. 

However, this backfired and Seth completely went off the grid. His best friend Evan didn't even know where he went. Jules took this hard and blamed herself for everything that happened. Maybe if she didn't go to school, or came home more on weekends she could have prevented this. She began to search everywhere for Seth and ran into an old friend Fogell a.k.a McLovin who now had legally changed his name to McLovin. This made sense as Mclovin was the premiere male stripper in the area. Because who would hire a stripper named Fogell? He was basically Magic Mike. So the two became close in their search for Seth and some might even say too close. As one thing lead to another,  McLovin and Jules had one of those random hookups after a night of searching and boozing. The next day when Jules realized what she did she felt awful and literally threw up. Maybe it was the alcohol from the night before or the fact she just slept with a dude named McLovin but either way she was sick over it. This sent Jules on a downward spiral and she was doing whatever and whoever she came across. Feeling she lost her one true love and reason for living. 

This lead to an eventual complete mental breakdown causing Jules to be hospitalized. And as fate would have it Seth who followed a similar path of self destruction was in THAT SAME HOSPITAL! In his case all that Tide drinking caught up to him and he had a major slip and fall where he hit his head and slipped into a coma. After a month he woke from the coma but had no recollection of who he was. Jules mental breakdown had her unsure of who she was as well. This is what's known as a convenient way for me to tie this all together. So the two were put in an experimental trial of a new drug called "A". The hope was this pill would be able to fix any and all brain issues. Hence the name "A". So that brings us to the trailer for 'Maniac' and the two of them ending up together in all these strange ass scenarios that the drug causes them to experience. They are soulmates and no matter what are destined to be with one another. It's like something out of the 'Notebook'. Now let me ask you this, is this not the sequel to 'Super Bad' or what? 

**Mic Drop** 



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