Rhino Looking For Mate, Decides To Destroy An SUV.


So this Rhino was a apparently in heat and caught wind of a fine female rhino who is thick in all the right places. If you know what I mean   ? Rhino's have terrible eyesight and when the only thing on his mind is getting laid, I can see his confusion thinking that SUV was male competition. Every time I'm at Lion Country Safari (who have non suv-destroying rhinos btw) I have thought "how insane would it be if one of these rhinos came charging?" And the family in that SUV would probably tell me "yeah, it wasn't fun." Also, how much you want to bet their insurance company will try and snake them out of coverage. "Sorry Mr. Smith but you're covered for everything but rhino attacks, and sadly we also have to revoke your safe driver status. We feel it was a reckless decision on your part to be so close to a Rhino. Thanks for being a loyal customer and don't forget to pay your bill on time!"



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