10 Year-Old Selling Cookies Gets The Cops Called On Her.


Like the great Taylor Alison Swift once said "And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate" and that's exactly what we're seeing here with Savannah Watters. Our girl is slinging the hottest and freshest cookies in the game and her snitch neighbors just couldn't deal. Watters cookies were so good there were lines around the block. People would skip out of work just to get a good spot in line for when Savannah would "re-up" as they call it on the streets. Ever the sassy and forward thinking entrepreneur Savannah knew how good her cookies were. So she would give new costumers a free sample bag, or a "taste" as she described it. This would of course lead them to instantly get hooked on the product. So before you know it, you're hitting up the ATM at 3 in the afternoon taking out $20 to get your fix. This kind of traffic made the block "hot". The members of the HOA (basically try-hards who think they know what's best for a whole community) weren't getting a cut of the action and that pissed them off. And one thing about the HOA is they're the biggest snitches on the planet. They will even snitch on their own and basically are terrible human beings. Since they have no actual power they dialed the 5-0 to handle their dirty work. So the Pablo Escabor of cookies in Iowa was sadly brought to justice. For what? Bringing joy to all who ate her cookies? For a little traffic in the streets? Come on people when will the madness end? We wasted tax payer money to stop a young girl from living the American Dream. Meanwhile, we actually have places that serve Vegan food. 



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