Shockingly I Love Dj Khaled And Justin Bieber's 'No Brainer'


Khaled did it again! Shouted unnecessarily all over a song but damn do I love that man and his ability to produce hit after hit. Pun intended,but it was a No Brainer getting J Biebs on this song and having Chance and Quavo were obvious solid additions. Justin Bieber is my dude (having never actually met him that seems like a weird thing to say) but I just enjoy the dudes music. Sure, he has had his personal ups and downs and now looks like Diplo's stunt double, but Biebs is a GOAT. He looks like someone who would  ask to bum a smoke off you at a Turnpike rest-stop but all that doesn't matter. He is the best at what he does, is engaged to a Baldwin and has more money than I could dream of. Plus he's been in the spotlight and has had his every move watched since he was 14! I can't even imagine what a monster I would be if roles were reversed. 

Speaking of Moves...



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