AGT Magician Performs Unreal Sleight Of Hand Trick!


If you're a fan and read my blogs you know by now I'm a huge magic guy. Can't get enough of it, and Shin Lim is the best Sleight Of Hand Magician in the game right now. Dude is just unreal and I could watch him scramble my brain for hours. Love the move bringing Olivia Munn on stage and maybe he parlayed that into dinner and some drinks. I'm just saying if he asked me out my panties would disappear. I've slowed down the video numerous times and after a closer look I still have no clue how he did any of this. Shin Lim you damn sorcerer keep up the good work! Also, how good of a thief would he be? He can take your watch, wallet and your girl all while asking "is this your card?"  

And I'm no magician but my brother still thinks I have the power to remove his nose. 



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