Lady Pees All Over The Floor After Told She Couldn't Use Bathroom


I love to put my own comedic spin on my blogs, but what more can I do here? This lady took a wiz on a Wizz Airline flight. First, didn't even know there was an airline by that name. Secondly, this grown woman really just took a piss all over the floor. I need to know more about what actually happened, but it seems to me she asked to use the bathroom and they told her no. Assuming the reason was they were about to take off and airplanes have rules about getting up during take off and landing. 99% of people get back to their seat cross their legs and wait until that fasten seat-belt light is off. But not this lady, when you have to go you have to go. If you seriously can't hold it in any longer you need to get into the bathroom. Don't care if they said no. What looks worse? Forcing your way into the bathroom and taking a leak like a civilized human-being, or pissing on the floor like an animal? Seems like a pretty easy choice. 


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