The 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Teaser Has Dropped!


Talk about a tease, and I want to be mad about it but I'm not. First off, I love the 80's and wish I could go back and live during that decade for a month or so. That's how I would use my time machine, just  go back to my favorite decades and hang there for a couple months out of the year. Some people go to Europe or Mexico, I'm going to the 1980's for Summer vacation. Then maybe check out the 70's, skip the 60's (because hippies are the worst) and maybe smoke some tobacco with Ben Franklin as we lay out the rough draft of the Declaration Of Independence in the 1770's. Then hop in the DeLorean rig the next big Powerball drawing, win all that money and burn that time machine. Figure using the time machine to win the lotto would be the safest way for me to go. Can't be messing with the fabric of time and space completely. Sure I could say let me invent Microsoft before Bill Gates, or Apple before Steve Jobs. That's risky and a good way for the time travel police to catch on. So I'm making it seem like dumb luck is what got me my millions. Oh, and totally forgot can't wait for Season 3 of Stranger Things! 



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