Sadly Actor Bryan Cranston Is Now Living In The 'Breaking Bad' RV


Tough times for these once iconic actors. Life comes at you fast, and if you blink you might just miss it. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston had it all, a hit TV show, tons of money and all the fake meth one could dream of. Now look at them, one is filling up buckets with pounds of poop and living in a RV, while the other is giving tours at the Sony Lot. We either need them to bring 'Breaking Bad' back before these two really hit rock bottom, or maybe set them up a GoFundMe page. At the very least can we let Bryan take a dump in an actual toilet like a civilized human being? All joking aside this was hysterical and would be 100% down if the brought this show back. Don't even care if we throw logic out the window when it comes to the story. 



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