Two Old Women Struggle To Get Out Of Inflatable Raft!


And.... they're FREE! This video had my sides hurting from laughter as these poor old ladies couldn't get out of this damn float. I would be lying if I thought age didn't play a factor in their struggles to free themselves of this devil raft, but we all know the real truth. That truth is when you're out on the water for a Sunday Funday our good pal Al is always along for the ride. Al as in alcohol, for those who struggle to keep up with my  genius. They were tossing them back like they were back in college and showing their family how the pros used to drink. Plus, when you get up there in age accidents can happen and adult diapers may be necessary. You know what an adult diaper is on a Sunday Funday? An advantage that's what! No same in your game and you pee where you stand or sit. No need to waste time after you break the seal and just keep on chugging. So by the time they were ready for their afternoon nap and just before the end of the Early Bird specials these ladies were faded. At least their families know if grandma comes to stay and she's downing some brews don't let her sleep on the air mattress. It's basically a trap for old drunk people. 

Maybe they should have tried this? 



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