Toy Story Land Opens Tomorrow At Disney!!!!

Yes! Disney just made all of our fantasies come true with Toy Story Land. Trust me, your Summer won't be complete without checking this place out. Get ready to explore the newest park at Disney that's set as Andy's backyard. They even have a 25 foot long Andy footprint! Oh and you know Woody, Buzz and Jessie are all walking around.



 It's like all of our childhood dreams are coming to life....oh wait that's exactly what Disney just did!  All of the rides are family friendly and top notch. Check out the Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers or go on Toy Story Mania. Honestly, I'm ready to hop on the turnpike and hit up this ride right now!



I don't know why, but this makes me so happy. Who's ready to go? Think about it...people fly in from all over the world for this and you just have to hop on the turnpike. Lucky!



One last thing.... HOW FREAKING COOL is this? You can spot Sarge and the Green Army Man Drum Corps march throughout the park several times a day. In fact, you can even join their interactive boot camp



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