Girl Tries To Escape From Cops Falls Through Ceiling!

I posted two versions of the video with different background music. It's all about options and in case one of the videos gets removed.  

O' Canada and oh baby was that hilarious. Allegedly these two love birds were using stolen credit cards and the jig was up. They weren't going down without a fight and figured two meth-heads against one Mountie tipped the scales in their favor. Which wasn't 100% incorrect as Dudley Do Right struggled to apprehended them. Luckily for him he had Reggie "Door Stop" Patterson blocking the exit or these slime balls could have escaped. DDR should have tased that dude a lot sooner, I know if you make me run around a gas station store mini-mart like an ass I'm zapping you after about 5 seconds. This isn't a fun game of tag pal. Probably good I decided on radio and not law enforcement. He eventually stops the dude and that's when bae thought she could sneak out the back. And because you know Meth, she thought maybe I can climb through the vents like John McClain in Die Hard. Sadly, she wasn't smoking diet meth and the roof was too weak to support her and gravity said enough of this nonsense and she came crashing down. Not exaggerating here, but that was one of the funniest things ever and I legit spit my water out when I first watched it. She gets up without a sneaker after nearly breaking her back but she had no more fight left. That and now the squad showed up to help Dudley. 

A couple things..

  1. Don't know if either of them actually smoke meth (assuming that)
  2. All the names in this blog are made up for comedic purposes. 
  3. The CC footage is spectacular and provided multiple angles. So A++ production value. 
  4. Cashier did absolutely nothing. 

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