Lady Goes Full Blown Psycho On Spirit Airlines Flight!


So quick backstory, this Spirit Airlines flight was traveling from Houston to Minneapolis but had to land in Rochester Minneapolis after another passenger had a medical emergency. That's when this lady acted totally logical and sane as she proceeded to yell and scream up and down the aisles. Flying sucks, and airports and airplanes can make people uneasy as the stress of traveling is the worst. Plus, you're on Spirit Airlines to begin with. Spirit Airlines is like black licorice, everyone tells you how awful it is but you think "it can't be that bad can it?" Then you try it and YEP, it's terrible. Then you have to make an emergency landing on top of that. Most people would be annoyed but also understand the situation. You just can't be acting like a toddler throwing a tantrum while running up and down the aisles. Just unacceptable behavior from anyone over the age of 2. Especially when someone needs medical attention immediately. We all have places to go lady but the world doesn't revolve around you either. Love how she said "Go To Hell" and followed that up with "I've Been To Hell" which I don't doubt this demon has. When the two gentlemen stand up to block her she pulls the whole "I have two brothers who are snipers in the Marines" which could 100% be true but using that as a threat just doesn't work. Don't think her brothers are posting up getting ready to snipe innocent U.S civilians because Rosemary's baby forgot to take her meds today. Just a hunch.     



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