Amazon Alexa "Every Time I Close My Eyes, All I See Is People Dying"

Three months ago, Amazon devices across the country were spooking their owners when Alexa would spontaneously let out an evil cackle. Then we had the incident where Alexa would record private conversations and send them out to the exact person they were talking about. Now, here we are once again with the Amazon devices performing yet another bizarre (and might I add creepy) task. 

The other day an Amazon Alexa mysteriously spoke out to her owner saying, 

"Every time I close my eyes, All I See Is People Dying"

Shawn Kinnear said his Alexa device made the outburst unprompted and out of the blue. He then shared that immediately after the statement, there was a moment of uncomfortable silence. Then when he asked Alexa to repeat herself, she expressed that she did not understand his request. Shawn explains that he very infrequently uses the device unless it is to check the weather or sports scores, but for the most part Alexa sits silently. 

The part that makes this even creepier for the owner is that Alexa said the morbid statement in her usual chipper and happy voice. 

Shawn says that for now, he will be avoiding all interaction with the smart speaker. Amazon has yet to comment on this sinister act from their product. 

What do you think about the out burst? 


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