Girl Takes Coffee Pot And Smashes It Over Her Head!

Warning: Might be some cursing, hard to tell but you've been warned. 


Well what was she supposed to do? All 5 people there told her to "Do IT" and of course you can't say no to that. Everyone knows that after a fun night out it's time to take the party to someone's house. Those beers in the fridge won't drink themselves. Usually you stop for fast-food or stock up on munchies like it's the end of days on the way there (hence the chips next to the beer). Once you're there it's like all common sense and ability to not do something stupid go out the window. There are two times in a night when you can get your "ONE" friend to do something idiotic, that's before you go out and when you come back. Don't know why, I'm not a scientist just a guy who has seen some things and hangs with plenty of idiots. I'm what some would call an instigator and like to test the limits of others stupidity. Judging by this video I'm 100% certain Becky (has to be her name right?) didn't get that injury on her wrist by accident. Let's see the video of her smashing her her wrist with a hammer because...Someone had a hammer duh! Just shows you the power of "Do It" 



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