Trump And Kim Get The Bad Lip Reading Treatment!


"Yeah buddy, cool beans homie" is an incredible way to start a Bad Lip Reading video. By the way, have two people ever looked more uncomfortable? Obviously these videos are edited, but yikes they look like their parents told them they couldn't play Fortnite anymore. I just wish this video was longer because 2:22 was disappointing (that's what she said) but I'd imagine it was difficult to find more to work with.  

Hey Kim what did you think of the video? 


Cool, was hoping for a little more enthusiasm but okay.  


There it is!!! Get down with your bad and super evil self!

Yooo DT what about you?


Ummm, does that mean you liked it?


So, you didn't like it? Kim seemed to love it.


But...It's not, Kim literally did the happy dance to show his approval.


AHHHHHH!!!! Good one Mr Trump. You had me believing you didn't like it for real.



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