Guy In Wheelchair Runs Over Two Women In Absurd 'Hit And Run'


This is so absurd I don't know where to begin. At first I wanted to give the man the benefit of the doubt and say his chair malfunctioned, but then he claimed a second victim. You knock one person over and it's like "damn, sorry still getting used to this chair" but continually backing up and taking out a second person? Come on now, we weren't born yesterday my dude and he savagely caused that one lady to trip over her friend's corpse. That's premeditated wheelchair assault brotha!  So now that we can all agree this dude is a douche, why did he do it? Here are some reason off the top of my head with a "Unlikely" "Somewhat likely" or "Most Likely" attached to each . 

  1. They're family members and they forgot to send him a card for his b-day. "Somewhat likely"
  2. He thought that camo backpack made him indivisible and he figured why not? "Somewhat likely" 
  3. When he was younger and Trick Or Treating they gave him a roll of pennies instead of candy causing him to hate Halloween. "Unlikely" 
  4. He's hates old people.  "Most Likely"


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