Falling With Kelsi! When You're Accident Prone & Adventuress

First of all, flyboarding is freaking amazing and if you haven't tried it, you need to! Friends, family and coworkers have made fun of me for this one hardcore. When you fall into the water you're suppose to dive... I guess my dive is a little special.


Oh the helicopter ride! As we were approaching the beach I thought about the movie True Lies & how Arnold dangled from the bottom of a helicopter when the bridge blew up. I was like oh snap let me stick my little old arm out and take a picture. That was the worse idea ever. Never in my life did I feel like my arm was going to snap from the bone until this moment. I thought we were going like 40 but we were going over 100. After I almost lost my arm, the pilot asked if I was okay....I told him of course BUT I really wasn't. In fact, my arm hurt for days! 


Well, you're not done laughing yet. This little gem is from when I first got my paddle board. The ocean was pretty calm but for some reason I couldn't keep my feet on the board. I even fall backwards....



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