Man Decides Having Kids Is Overrated And Shoots Himself In The Groin

Warning: Strong Language 


Condoms, birth-control pills and even backing the car out of the garage are all better ways to avoid pregnancies. Trying to assassinate your manhood seems like the absolute worst way to go about this. Clearly, that isn't what happened and this dude just accidentally shot himself, but what's the fun in that? I'm no gun expert but pretty sure that one has a safety and should have been used. I know he just got shot and wasn't thinking clearly but tossing the gun was a pretty dumb move. That gun already decided to do it's own thing and now you're going to toss it on the floor? Come on bro, it could have went off hitting someone or worse that dog! So hopefully he didn't lose an appendage and he makes a quick recovery. This man is basically Cheddar Bob from '8 Mile'. 



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