Florida Driver Flies Through Windshield During Insane Car Crash!

Yo, that was insane and thankfully nobody was killed and is the only reason I posted this. The last thing I will ever do is post a video of someone dying. I like to keep things fun and tragic free, but since he's okay I needed to share. No clue what he was doing and why he was coming in hot like that because even with a Sunpass you can't go through tolls at that speed. Seeing he went straight out the windshield he probably wasn't wearing a seat-belt and once again somehow survived. What's almost as scary as the crash was the lack of reaction from everyone else. Serious wtf people? A human being was just sent flying and not one person can see if hes's okay? The tollbooth cashier is casually giving change back, the driver of that car is probably asking what exit is next and the worker crossing lanes doesn't even check on the man. I know this isn't something you see everyday or ever and doubt it's in their tollbooth training manual, but can we see some concern for human life please?

Me trying to figure out why there was zero reaction by the workers... 

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