Blind Comedian Chris McCausland Is A Must See!

Warning: Strong Language  


HAHAHAH I didn't even know Chris McCausland existed until today and I'm all in. His set was one of the funniest I've seen in awhile. Dude absolutely owned that stage and crowd and used his blindness to create comedy. Life isn't fair and sometimes you're dealt a crappy hand but you have the power and ability to change that. Chris is a perfect example of that. It's never cool to laugh at a blind person even before the over sensitive world we live in today, but to laugh with one is another story. Some of the best comedy is self-deprecating and Chris showed us that here. Congrats Chris, even though you won't be able to read this you've got yourself a new fan. This reminded me of last night's episode of AGT when  comedian Samuel J. Comroe who has Tourette Syndrome had everyone laughing. 



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