100 Concerts In One Year #49 Dua Lipa

49th show of 2018 #Kelsi100Concerts

100 concerts in one year...the challenge is on! If you have no idea WTF I'm talking about, click here for the full scoop. First off, let me start this whole thing out with a little song called "New Rules." Part of my job at Wild 95-5 is working with my boss on what new music we should play on the station. When Dua came out with "New Rules" he was not a fan. For weeks I fought with him to get this song on. In fact, this was the second time in my career I fought extremely hard for an artist. Dua is super popular in the UK but it took a bit over here. Long story short, when "New Rules" went #1, I 100% came into work with a solid I TOLD YOU SO!!!


Dua was in town for a concert in Miami at Bayfront but she came into the station to do a private show in our Club Braman Performance Theater. As you can see it was super intimate with just 60 people!


In case you're wondering, yes she's super awesome and nice! After she played this song a girl in the audience attempted to ask her a question. Tears ran down her face & she choked up. Dua walked off stage and wrapped her arms around her and gave one of those big long hugs!


Right now she's touring and working on another album! I can't wait to see what she has coming up next. Below are a bunch of pictures from her concert at our Club Braman Performance Theater.

Check back and stalk this blog for a year of music and good stories. Remember, I have to average about 2-3 shows a week. You can follow all of my adventures on Instagram & Twitter @KelsiRadio! Well, until next  concert.....

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