Having Sex In A Cemetery In Broad Daylight Seems A Bit Much.


These two are about as disgusting as they come having sex in a damn cemetery.  There is no possible explanation that could make me okay with this. Sex is awesome (so I'm told) and when the mood hits, you go do what you have to do, but that does not include the cemetery. Was this something they always wanted to do? Or were they paying their respects to a loved one and just couldn't help themselves? Then because clearly there is no shame in their game they bragged about how long they were going at it for. Act like you've been there for me people. Anyway, it's a slow and rainy (what else is new) day for content so this is what we get. I don't believe in ghost but if they're real can we get a haunting sent to these two winners immediately. And I'm talking about Paranormal Activity type haunting.  



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