Vert Pong: The Drinking Game Of The Summer Is Here!

Yo are we serious right now? How am I just finding out about Vert Pong and who's house, pool or church are we going to play this in? Not to brag, but I'm an exceptional beer pong player and always down to play. However, that was before I stumbled across Vert Pong! This game looks amazing and you better believe I just ordered mine. (Not a paid endorser btw, I just need this game in my life immediately)I love how you drink when you make cups and not the other way around and how fast paced it is. So when you're winning you're also getting pretty sauced up in the process. 

Once it arrives and if you're ready to get spanked in a game of Vert Pong hit me up on the gram and lets make it happen. Hell, maybe we get a game going in the Wild 955 studio I'm sure my bosses would love that. Though, we should keep that on the low. 

Would be so clutch for Dolphins tailgate parties. Sorry about the picture of these Giants fans.(Gross) 

Before every game I'm going to make sure me and my teammate kiss the ball just like this lol.

And of course lastly...

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