No, You're Crying As World's Greatest Human Gets Golden Buzzer On AGT.


I'm not crying, you're crying! Damn was that a phenomenal performance and worthy of the Golden Buzzer by Simon. You need to see his entire story because it's truly incredible . Abridged version is, during the birth of his eldest daughter there were complications with his wife and daughter nearly dying. Fortunately, they both survived and are healthy and happy but were told they shouldn't have kids again because it was too dangerous for his wife. They then go on to adopt 3 siblings who's parents were junkies or something like that. Then adopt another boy, and finally a child with cerebral palsy completing the family. Just incredible and this man is a true inspiration and legit easily one of the greatest humans on earth. Having a strong and supporting wife doesn't hurt but damn is this dude a winner. Sometimes it doesn't seem like good things happen to good people, but in this case it did. I would take it a step further and say a great thing happened to a great person. 

Me right now... 



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