Girl Catches Foul Ball In Her Beer And Chugs It Like A BOSS!


This girls DM's have to be flooded with marriage proposals right now. How are you not smitten? First she makes a gold glove worthy (baseball term) catch using just her beer and not spilling a drop in the process. Then, she doesn't disappoint does the only logical thing and chugs that beer like a champ! Sure she spills some of it on herself but that's okay and she can do no wrong in my eyes. What's more impressive is the San Diego Padres were getting spanked and doubt she was even paying attention to what was going on down on the field. She's probably swiping left and right and boom this catch makes a catch. Seriously, can the Marlins make a play for her? Things can't get much worse and she clearly has natural raw talent. At the very least it would persuade me to buy season tickets just to watch Gabby play.

P.S My dad swears when I was about 4 years-old I caught a ball when I was passed out at a Mets game. Though, I was wearing a glove and didn't get to chug a beer after. So not even close to as epic as Gabby "Sure Hands" Lucille 



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