A1 Steak Sauce Releases 'Meat Scents' Candles

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We don’t know about y’all, but us kitties in the POSSE are all geeked up about these “meat scented candles”, 😹🐈❤️🥩. #a1 #a1candles #a1meatscents #a1meatscentedcandles #pussyposse #pussyposseapproved #pussypossecatgang #pussypossecatclub #pussyposselovesmeat

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We are officially in June!  You know what that means?  It's time to start thinking about a Father's Day gift for dear old dad!

Here's an idea... How about a meat-scented candle created by Kraft Foods!

The candles cost $14.99 each at A1MeatScents.com and come in three original scents: Original Meat, Backyard BBQ, and Classic Burger.

According to the website, these candles smell so real, they'll make you crave the real thing!  Unless you are vegetarian, in which case, you should steer clear.

Social media has mixed reviews on the scented meat candles.

The website urges customers to "grab it while it's hot" and Original Meat is already gone.  

If you really want one, better hurry while supplies last!



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