Local Brewery In Delray Beach Sells Six Packs With Edible Rings

Each year tons and tons of plastic ends up in our oceans. Even worse, are beloved turtles are consuming bundles of plastic. Saltwater Brewery is saying goodbye to plastic and replacing their six pack rings with edible ones!


If one of these bad boys ends up in the ocean, marine life can safely eat it! The edible six pack rings are made of wheat and barley. Every year 100% of post hatchlings that end up at Loggerhead Marine Life Center have plastic in their stomach. Take a moment and think about how insane that is....


If you're kicking back this summer with a few cold ones grab Saltwater Brewery's "Screamin' Reels IPA."  You can find it at Total Wine, Publix, ABC Liquors, Whole Foods & Lucky's. I mean in theory, you're kind of saving the ocean one six pack and a time!



Well, looks like I have my beer picked out when I leave work today. Saltwater Brewery keep up on the good work! Cheers to good beer, stellar ideas & our beautiful ocean




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